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11 Signs You're An Awesome Dog Parent

Being a pawrent to your precious pups can be very fulfilling. I certainly can’t imagine my life before my little fluff balls, Watson and Sherlock. They are the inspiration for The Woof Warehouse and bring me in return so much joy and unconditional love. And as such I spoil them every chance I get. Here are just a few ways to tell if you are an awesome dog mom or dad!

  1. You only get a decent night of sleep when your pooches are under the covers and wrapped around your legs.
  2. All your family photos include your dogs.
  3. You only take vacations to dog friendly locations and hotels.
  4. You call your dog your child or fur-baby.
  5. When you are traveling without your dog you stop at a pet store for a “souvenir” for your pup.
  6. Your dog has his/her own social media accounts.
  7. You spoil your pup with high quality accessories and fun outfits like bow ties, bandanas, or custom clothing.
  8. Facetime or Skype with your pooch is a must when you are apart.
  9. You talk to your pup as if he/she were human.
  10. You spell out words like “walk” or “dinner” when it isn’t time for those particular activities so your dog doesn’t get excited.
  11. You sleep in a small corner of your king sized bed while your dog spreads out across ¾ of it.

What are some other ways you let your dog know that you’re the best pawrent? Leave ‘em in the comments below.

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