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Dog with crown

6 Practical Ways to Treat Your Dog like Royalty

Doggy bubble bath

The weekend is finally here and that means we can spend 48 blissful hours with our beloved pups. So what better way is there to cherish that time together than pampering your pooch! Read on for 6 practical and easy ways to spoil your dog this weekend (or any day of the week)!


1. Doggy Massages

While a good ol' massage might sound like more of a human luxury, much like human massages, canine massages can do wonders for your doggo. Doggy massages can improve joint health and flexibility, relieve stress, and loosen tense muscles.

Dog Massage

For a basic massage start by applying slight pressure with your palms as you would normally pet your dog. Try massaging the pads of her paws with some Watson’s Pawesome Paw Balm. Massaging paw balm on the pads of your dog’s feet not only conditions and softens them, but gets your dog more used to having her feet touched and handled. Take note of where your dog enjoys the massage and areas she may not be enjoying as much. For more information on doggy massage check out this article by ModernDog here.


2. A Super Warm and Comfy Bed

Often times we opt for the more economical option when it comes to a bed for our dogs or we just let them sleep on the couch or our bed. While these are all fine choices, sometimes your dog might just want a space of his own for those all important daytime naps.

Dog Burrow Bed

A quality bed, like a cozy burrow bed, provides protection from floorboards which are not all that comfortable to lay on. Plus, your dog will recognize the bed as his own personal space, which can increase feelings of security and comfort. And, as your dog gets older he’ll probably appreciate the extra cushioning.


3. Gourmet Treats

Don’t be intimidated or turned off by the word “gourmet,” all this means is give your dog something she doesn’t normally get like these homemade tasty pizza dog treats!

Pizza Dog treats

Or try visiting your local dog bakery for a special one of a kind treat. It is an easy and fun way to pamper your pup without breaking the bank.


4. Stylish Accessories

Spoiling your dog doesn’t get much easier than purchasing a couple different handmade accessories.

Personalized Dog Bandana 

At The Woof Warehouse we’ve got all kinds of fun and affordable items like bow ties, personalized bandanas, collar flowers, scarves, birthday hats, and more! No matter what you choose your pup will love it and you’ll be ready for those awesome Instagram pics.


5. Transportation

If you have a small dog like I do then you know how essential a good carrier is for everyday use, but you can go the extra mile and have your furry pal arrive in style in high end transportation.

Dog in tote bag

Try checking out Amazon for cost-effective transpo. Make sure you select a carrier with maximum comfort and cushioning as well as a great view. Your pup will absolutely thank you for it!


6. Toys

Most dogs love toys and if you want an easy way treat her then make sure to always have a toy box full of toys on hand.

Dogs playing tug of war

Watson loves plush squeaky toys so I always make sure to have at least a dozen or more different ones for him to play with. If your doggo loves rope toys then get a few of different lengths and types to keep her entertained all day long. Better yet, take your dog to your local pet store to pick out a new favorite!


No matter how you spoil your four-legged family members the most important thing is spending quality time together.

Woof Warehouse Owner with Watson

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