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9 Pool Safety Tips for Dogs

Swimming dog

As the weather continues to warm a lot of pup parents will want to enjoy a bit of sun and swim with our furry pals. But before you bust out those umbrellas and floaties make sure you and your pup are caught up on some safety tips to make every poolside day as safe as they can be!

Consult with your Vet

Before throwing your dog into the deep end, so to speak, make sure to consult with your veterinarian. It is important to know whether your dog is healthy enough to enjoy a bit of swimming. This is especially important for older and senior dogs as they can sometimes have underlying issues you may not know about such as arthritis or even a heart condition.


Teach your dog to swim

This might seem like a no-brainer, but make sure your dog is comfortable in the water and able to find the exit at all times. If your dog starts to panic and they cannot keep a clear head then she might drown. If you are not comfortable with this task enlist the help of a dog trainer. They are more equipped to handle your dog’s fear of water or teach her a few swimming basics. Here is a great article from PetMD that will help you teach your dog to swim.


Invest in a doggy life vest

Life vests are great for those dogs that love the water but won’t be great swimmers. They provide extra buoyancy and come in bright colors so that your dog not only floats, but is also highly visible. But remember that your dog should still be attended to at all times when he is near bodies of water even if he is wearing a doggy life vest.


Learn doggy CPR

Whether you’ll be spending a lot of time poolside it is always a good idea to learn doggy CPR. Being able to administer this life saving service is vital should your pooch accidentally drown. Lots of shelters and animal organizations offer classes on the proper techniques. Check your local shelters for classes and other resources.

Always watch your dog

Don’t leave your dog unsupervised when he is frolicking through the water even if he is a strong swimmer. Your dog could get tired or accidentally swallow some water and you need to be ready to spring into action!

Fence in your pool

Just like with children make sure that if you have a pool in your yard it is fenced in if you are unable to supervise your dog at all times when she is outside.

Keep your dog cool

According to the ASPCA, the natural summer heat intensifies near water and like humans you’ll need to ensure Fido stays hydrated and has easy access to shade.

Rinse with clean water

Once you and your pup have had your fill of the summer poolside fun make sure to rinse her off with clean, fresh water. This will help remove chlorine and other chemicals that can be harmful or dry out her skin.

Have fun!

If you follow these safety tips you and your pooch are sure to have a fun poolside summer all season long!

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