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Dog eating a doggie cake

Gotcha Day Celebrations!

The day you adopt and bring home your new four-legged family member is a momentous occasion. Many of us dog moms and dads celebrate these special days as a way to not only mark the passage of time, but to have a little fun with our fluff balls. With Watson’s gotcha day coming up on June 10th and our recent adoption of Sherlock on May 10th of this year we thought we might share just a few of our favorite ways to celebrate.

To start we always make a homemade pupcake recipe for the doggos to enjoy. Some of our favorite recipes include whole wheat flour, chicken, cheese, and just a little bit of cream cheese for frosting.

dog birthday cake

Watson and Sherlock absolutely love their cakes, but the tricky part is to refrain from caving in to their adorable puppy dog faces and giving them more than one slice. There are all kinds of great recipes on Pinterest including wheat free!

We also break out their handmade party hats in celebration and to take a few photos. These are great and feature an elastic strap to help keep it on their heads.

Dog in party hat

Plus, the colorful buttons and large pom poms on top make them extra fun!

But before all of the cake and partying we make a home cooked meal for our pups that usually consists of plain boiled chicken breast, carrots, peas, spinach, and a little brown rice.

Dog Food

They absolutely love it and it is a nice way for us to do something special for them, especially since they bring such joy and light to our lives.*

And lastly, both pups get a gift or two that usually includes either a new toy, comfy blanket/ bed, bandana, or treats. It is so fun to be able to see them open up their gifts and enjoy them.

Dog with toys

The Woof Warehouse has all kinds of fun items including bow ties, neckties, flower bows, custom sweaters, dog scarves, and more! Don’t forget to keep checking back all week for special deals on The Woof Warehouse website!

In the end we couldn’t imagine our lives without them and take every chance we can to make every day of their lives special. How do you celebrate your dog’s gotcha day or birthday? Leave your celebration traditions in the comments below.

* We always consult with our veterinarian to ensure that this once a year treat won’t affect their overall health.

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