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San Francisco's Sandy Retreats for Your Pup

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With the weather starting to improve on the West Coast and the weekend around the corner it’s time to start hitting the beach with your favorite four-legged friend. Dog friendly beaches can be a great place to spend quality time with your pooch. Not only can he run freely off leash in a stimulating environment but you can enjoy a walk along the shore. So whether you are a local or visiting from out of town check out the list of some of our favorite dog friendly beaches in San Francisco.

Dog at Fort Funston Dog Beach San Francisco

Fort Funston

Fort Funston is a favorite among San Franciscans and is sure to delight your pup! It is a great off leash dog beach flanked on one side by a steep cliff and the other side lined by the ocean making it difficult for your pooch to run off too far. There are also a ton of great trails along the bluff where you can catch some of the best views of the Pacific Ocean, especially at sunset. There are tons of dogs for your pooch to play with and plenty of space to run. Just be careful of the strong current and undertow along the shore. There is also a steep hike to get down to the beach, so if you are not up to it then this may not be the best beach for you and your pup.

Baker Beach San Francisco

Baker Beach

Located approximately 1 mile south of the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach is a great spot to take your pooch and also get a gorgeous view of San Francisco’s most iconic landmark. It’s a great location not only for running and playing in the water, but perfect for those stunning shots of your doggo with the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a hot spot for dogs and their humans so if your pup is a little wary of other dogs or people this may not be the beach for you. Dogs are only permitted off leash on the beach north of Lobos Creek, but be careful if your pup is a runner because there are no fences or natural barriers. 

Husky Malamute on a beach

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a beautiful long stretch of sandy paradise the length of the Sunset District. It’s great for doggos and humans that want a nice stroll along the water’s edge with easy access via a free parking lot. Just be careful of the strong rip currents that tend to run along the shore at this beach.

Crissy Field San Francisco

Crissy Field

Located along the northern edge of the city near the Golden Gate Bridge Crissy Field is an ever popular hang out for locals and tourists alike and is also super dog friendly. Your dog will absolutely love the sand and surf as you take in the sights of the Golden Gate Bridge and kite-surfers. Try packing a picnic for you and your pooch and relax in the golden California sun. Plus, the off leash area includes a doggie water fountain and washing station!


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