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Top Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

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No matter what you celebrate the holidays can be hazardous for our furiends. With all the unusual smells, sights, and sounds from decorations, presents, and treats your dog can be tempted to misbehave even when he may be a complete angel the rest of the year. Read on for a few simple tips that will allow your pup to enjoy the holiday cheer without a trip to the vet or emergency room.


Christmas Trees

christmas tree

One of the most common holiday items in homes across America is the Christmas Tree. While being a classic decoration the Christmas Tree can pose risks to your dog whether it is live or artificial.

  1. If you have a live Christmas tree keep the water stand covered so your dog isn’t tempted to steal a drink. The sap from the tree mixed with water makes a poisonous drink for your pup. One way to keep both your dog and the tree safe is to put it in a corner of the room and block it off with a dog gate or baby gate. And make sure to clean up any fallen pine needles as they can puncture your dog’s intestines if ingested.
  2. To prevent trees from being knocked over secure them to a wall or with a ceiling hook and sturdy fishing line. One way to prevent dogs from being too curious about the tree is to keep any gifts for your pooch separate from the tree. Sniffing dogs can get a little too curious and accidentally knock over Christmas trees not only posing a risk to your dog, but to your family as well.
  3. Tinsel adds a nice sparkling touch to many trees, but it can potentially block your dog’s intestines if ingested. Keep it out of reach of pets, or better yet, opt to leave it off your tree this year.
  4. Keep ornaments and lights out of reach too. Ornaments can cause gastrointestinal blockages or even cuts on paws and in mouths if your pooch decides to chew on them. Additionally, lights can be a burn hazard and can shock your pet should they chew through the wire.



It might seem obvious to state that candles can burn your pup, but most of us forget about the fact that a pet might accidentally knock them over. Falling, hot wax can cause burns and the flames can cause house fires. If you plan on lighting candles this holiday season make sure pets are supervised, keep them out of reach of your dog and/or keep your dog out of rooms with lit candles.


Christmas treats

Around the holidays we love to treat our pets, but it bears reminding to be just as careful as you are any other time of the year.

  1. Keep candies and other human treats out of reach of pets. Remove any wrapped gifts containing food from under the tree. People food in excess, even dog safe ones, can make your dog sick.
  2. Chocolate, onion, raisins, and alcohol are common parts of human holiday celebrations, but they are poisonous to dogs. Keep these and other dangerous human foods out of reach.
  3. Give dog safe treats sparingly so as not to upset your pup’s tummy.

Holiday Plants and Flowers


Poinsettias, mistletoe and other popular plants are staples in many homes during the holiday season. But they can cause stomach issues and may even be poisonous. Keep these and other holiday plants out of reach of your dog. Check out the ASPCA’s info on the topic here.


Christmas gifts

Presents and gifts are a cornerstone of any holiday celebration, but they can pose a hazard to your pooch.

  1. Wrapping paper, string, plastic, and tape can cause intestinal blockages if ingested.
  2. Your dog can accidentally cut himself on scissors. Keep them off the floor and low tables.
  3. To keep your dog safe while wrapping up gifts put him in a separate room or use a dog gate to section off your dog from the area where you are wrapping the presents.

Even with all of the above safety tips in place, none of us are perfect and if you suspect your dog has gotten into something he shouldn’t contact your vet or pet emergency room as soon as possible.

And just because decorations and gifts can pose a risk to your dog it doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your home for the holidays. Just make sure it is done with the safety of your sweet pooch in mind.

Happy Pawlidays from all of us at The Woof Warehouse!

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