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6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh Between Baths

Ah, baths. They can be the most despised parts of owning a pupper, but they are necessary for the health of your dog. Whether your pooch has a knack for finding the last of the mud puddles in the backyard or simply gets a little smelly a matter of hours after a thorough cleaning, bathing your dog every day isn’t healthy for your dog’s coat or skin. Instead, try one (or more) of these 6 ways to keep your pup smelling clean and fresh between baths!


Regular brushing whether your dog has a long or short coat will help remove dirt and allergens which often collect in your dog’s fur. Over time these can build up and cause your dog’s fur to smell particularly bad.

Brushing can also help reduce shedding by removing dead skin cells, and loose fur. An added benefit to regularly brushing your dog is that it will redistribute the natural oils in your dog’s fur for a healthy and clean coat. Not to mention you’ll be building a stronger bond with your pup!

Pet Wipes

Pet safe wipes are a great way to do small bathing touch ups on your pup. Not only are these wipes handy at getting all of the daily dirt and gunk out of your dog’s fur, but they come in all kinds of wonderful scents like mango and vanilla!

Try wiping down your dog’s body as well as their paw pads, and rear end for an all over clean. Make sure to keep the wipes away from your dog’s eyes because it could cause irritation. If your dog has a particularly dirty face, such as tear stains, try some wipes that are specially formulated for use around sensitive areas like their ears and eyes.

With tons of brands out there you’re sure to find the ones that work for you and your pup.

Freshening Sprays

Along the same lines as pet wipes you might also want to give freshening sprays made specifically for dogs a try. These special deodorizing sprays not only give your dog’s coat a burst of freshness, but can also help condition your dog’s fur.

When you are using these sprays make sure to refrain from spraying your dog’s head or face as it could accidentally end up in your pup’s eyes or ears causing irritation. In fact, the way I have found to be the best way to apply it is to spray my own hands first and run my hands through my dogs’ fur. Not only will you ensure the safety of your pet, but it will be a lot less intimidating if they think it’s just another awesome scratch session verses pointing a bottle at them and spraying them with some unknown liquid.


Dry Shampoo

While no-rinse dry shampoos have been popular with us humans for years only recently have dry shampoos become a big deal with pet parents. There are spray and powder versions available as well as mousse types. You can even try making your own with baking soda, cornstarch, and pet safe essential oils.

Not only do these dry shampoos help neutralize any odors in your dog’s coat, but it can also help keep their skin and fur healthy.

Good Oral Care

Something a lot of pup parents don’t often think about with regards to keeping our pups smelling fresh is oral hygiene. Dogs can end up with all kinds of dental problems just like humans including tartar and plaque build up as well as gum disease. These dental issues can all lead to not only stinky breath, but other health issues down the line.

By regularly brushing your dog’s teeth and providing them with dog safe dental chews is a good way to combat these common oral hygiene issues, including smelly breath.

Clean Dog Bedding

So you’ve given your dog a bath and tried numerous techniques to keep your dog smelling fresh for longer than a day, but he still smells! Now what?

Try simply washing your dog’s bandanas, pjs, bedding, toys, and other items he likes to hang out with. By cleaning all of the dirt, bacteria, and natural body oils off your dog’s bedding you’ll prevent the odors from transferring back to your pup. And if the dog bed insert can be washed don’t forget to clean it as well!


*The Woof Warehouse is not a specialist or expert in the health of dogs and cannot be held accountable for the health and wellness of your pet. We always recommend seeing your vet for the best care of your beloved pups.

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