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7 Travel Essentials For Your Pup: Memorial Day Edition 2018

With Memorial Day weekend coming up we’ll all be thinking more about road trips and dog friendly vacations to kick off the summer. Read on for some of our essential picks for your summer travels whether it is the next town over, across the country or even internationally.

Waterproof Collar

If your pup is one that loves the water then make sure to pack not only her every day collar, but you might also want to consider packing a waterproof collar like this one that you can find on Amazon. Unlike your dog’s every day collar waterproof ones are designed to resist stretching out over time. Plus, it will be a little more comfortable for your dog as it dries a lot more quickly than traditional ones.

Convertible Pillow Blanket

Make sure your dog is cozy on the go with a convertible pillow blanket for your pup. Unlike traditional blankets the unique design means that the blanket folds into an attached pocket for easy travel. Plus it’s made with super plush minky fleece for ultimate comfort and you have the option to personalize it with your dot’s name! Get one here from The Woof Warehouse.

Dog Bento

Meal time and access to water is a breeze on the go with a doggy bento box. Watson and Sherlock have one and it is absolutely amazing! It features human grade stainless steel and a leak proof lid perfect for keeping water fresh and clean.

Dog Bandanas

Travel in style with your pup in a fantastic dog bandana. They come in a range of sizes and fabric options. But the best part is that they feature a sleeve that your pup’s collar slips through easily keeping the bandana in place even for the most active dogs. Watson absolutely loves his and makes it more easy for me from a distance on his favorite dog beach, Fort Funston in San Francisco, CA.


Yes, it might seem obvious that you’ll need your dog’s leash; however, I always bring an extra leash in case we lose the one we use every day or it breaks. It is true that leashes in general are made to last, but you never know. I personally like using the Petsafe brand of leash as a back-up.

Dog Bed

If you’ll be going on a longer trip I recommend bringing along your dog’s favorite or most cozy bed like these burrow beds. With a built in blanket it means your pup will be able to easily tuck herself in for cozy snoozes whether it is in the car on at the cabin.

Toys, Chews, Treats

To make every trip a little special make sure to bring your dog a new toy, chew, or treat that you only give to him when you travel. Not only will he love a new toy or treat, but because it is new it is more likely to keep him engaged for longer than one of his usual toys or treats. Watson loves getting a new toy and Sherlock loves her chews so I always make sure I get a few new items or give them toys and chews they haven’t had in a few months.

No matter what fun dog friendly trips you take this summer these seven essentials will make traveling with your pup more comfortable and fun!

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