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Packing an Emergency Go-Bag for Your Dog

Disasters, natural or man made, can strike at any moment whether it’s a fire, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake. We might be well prepared in terms of our human family members; however, we often forget that our dogs often have different needs and might not be as prepared when disaster strikes. Here are just a few items you should consider packing in those all important emergency go-bags for your pups.

Food, Water, and Treats: Pack a minimum of a three day supply.

Bowls: Pack 1-2 collapsible bowls so it saves space in your bag of choice.

Bedding: Pack a dog bed, or a blanket that folds up, that your dog is familiar with. This will go a long way in helping keep your pup calm.

Toys: Pack a couple familiar toys to keep your dog from stressing out. Plus, it will be good for other family to play with her as well to keep everyone’s mind off what is going on and bring a little joy during a hard time.

Extra collar and leash: We can all lose important things during hectic times so it is always a good idea to pack an additional collar with proper identification tags and extra leash.

Vaccination records: Make a copy of your dog’s vaccination records and laminate them so they are waterproof. If you end up at a shelter they likely won’t let your pet stay with you unless he is up to date on all vaccinations. Keep the go bag updated with the most recent vaccination records.

Dog First Aid Kit: You can purchase all kinds of first aid kits designed for dogs these days at local pet stores and on Amazon. But you can also make one for yourself fairly easily. Check out this awesome DIY from the ASPCA.

Poop Bags: Keep a stash of doggy poop bags in the go bag. It might be difficult to find something suitable in a pinch.

Medications: If your dog has any need for special medications then make sure to grab those on the way out the door.

Crate or Dog Carrier: Depending on the size of your dog it might be a good idea to have a crate ready to go in case of emergency. It can help contain your pup during a stressful time and also provide a sense of safety for your pooch.

For more information on how disaster preparedness for your pets visit the ASPCA website.

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