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Dog barking

9 Different Dog Barks Deciphered

Corgi dog

As a dog parent it can be challenging to understand what your pup is trying to communicate to you. But fret not because recently there has been some research into deciphering what some of the different dog barks mean. Read on to find out what your dog might be trying to tell you!

Mid-range pitch continuous rapid barks: This type of bark can be considered an alarm. It means “Call the pack! There is something or someone who is entering our territory!” Often times we consider this a very annoying type of bark.

A rising bark that almost sounds like a yelp, but lower pitched: Often times this bark can be interpreted as “This is fun!” It is usually used during playtime, especially during a bout of wrestling.

Rapid succession of barks with a few pauses at a mid-range pitch: This bark can be mistaken for the alarm bark as it is closely related. In fact, this type of bark often means “I think there is a problem or intruder and you should look into it.”

Stutter bark at mid-range pitch: This is a fun playful bark that means “Let’s play!”  and is often used to initiate play behavior with other dogs. Your dog might even use this bark with you when she wants to play.

Incessant barking with moderate/ long intervals: You might be familiar with this bark if you have a pup that is a bit attached to you. This bark means “Is anyone there? I am lonely.”

Yelps: If you hear a series of yelps coming from your dog he might be experiencing fear or he could be hurt. This type of bark is typically on used as a response to severe fear or pain.

One or two barks at mid-range pitch: Very simply, this kind of bark means “Hi There!”

Single yelp: Perhaps you have heard this bark before when you’ve accidentally stepped on your pup’s paws. But it basically means “ouch” and is a response to sudden and unexpected pain.

Single bark at higher mid-range pitch: This is a startled sound and means “What’s this?” If you hear it repeated two or three times the meaning changes to “Come look at this!” or to alert the pack.

So the next time your pup gives you a little woof woof you'll have a better understanding of what he or she is trying to tell you!

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