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dog playing with hose

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

Whether your pup is fluffy like a little snowball or sleek and trim every dog can benefit from a little extra TLC and attention in the summer heat. And just because it is warm outside doesn’t mean you and your four-legged pals have to hideout inside in an air-conditioned room. Here are just a few of our favorite and easy everyday tips to keep your dog cool all summer long both indoors and outdoors.

Icy Water

Try adding ice cubes to your dog’s water bowl on those hot summer days. Just like humans our fluffy pals appreciate a nice ice cold drink when the temperatures soar.

Dog Drinking

And make sure they have access to fresh water all day. They’ll likely be more thirsty than usual.

Make Cool Treats

If your pups are like my Watson and Sherlock then they probably appreciate a nice cold treat.

Frozen Fruit Pops

Try freezing some coconut oil or offering some frozen blueberries or even simply some of their favorite rubber toys frozen in water! Your dogs will not only be able to cool off, but also highly entertained.

Go for a Dip

If you’ve got the space outside and your dog enjoys swimming try purchasing an inexpensive kiddie pool for your pup.

Pug in a pool

Simply fill it with some water and let your pup wade through the cool water for a little respite from the heat. You can even try turning on the sprinklers for a little while so your dog can enjoy frolicking through the cool water!

Create Shade Outdoors

If you are going to be spending quality time with your pup outside then make sure to provide enough shade for your dog.

Dog in the shade

Try setting up an umbrella or making one of these stylish tents as a shady retreat.

Provide a Cool Surface

Whether your pup is indoors or outdoors you can be sure that he or she will want a nice cool surface to lay on during the summer.

pug on the floor

If your house doesn’t have a nice tile or marble floor then try soaking a towel in cold water and letting your dog lie on it. This will help cool off your pup and provide hours of relaxing nap time in the afternoon.

Make Sure Your Dog is Properly Groomed

If you have a dog with a lot of fur like a Husky then you’ll want to make sure he or she is properly groomed in the summer. But beware that clipping double-coated dogs won’t help keep them cool in the summer because the tip hairs act as insulation against the heat and protect against sunburn.

dog grooming

Instead, all you need to do is maintain a regular brushing regime to help remove “dead” fur and any matting. A smooth and tangle free coat allows air to flow across your dog’s skin and help keep them cool.

Avoid Walking on Hot Pavement

If you enjoy a good walk with your dog make sure to heed the temperature outside since the pavement is likely a lot hotter!

dog walking

Make sure to take your pup on a walk during the cooler times in the day like the mornings or later in the evening. Not only will it prevent your dog’s paws from burning, but it will also help keep him cooler.

Use Cooling Aids

Try out a cooling vest to help your pup cool down on a hot day.

dog in a cooling vest

Many work by simply soaking them in cold water and stay cool for a long time before they need refreshing. Most pet stores have these on hand during the summer.

Look for Signs of Heatstroke

Like humans dogs can experience heatstroke. So be on the look out for these signs to keep your dog safe all summer long:

  • Heavy Panting
  • Excessive Water Consumption
  • Disorientation
dog panting

If you think your dog is experiencing heatstroke move him or her into a cool, air-conditioned space and apply ice packs or wet towels to the head, neck, and chest. And of course call your dog’s vet immediately for further guidance.

Hopefully these tips will help keep your pup nice and cool this summer! I know Sherlock and Watson will be enjoying many of these tips throughout the next few months.

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