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Aggressive Chewers: Selecting the Right Toys


dog chewing on a toy

One of the biggest questions I see constantly circulating on the pup parent forums is “what are some of the best toys for aggressive chewers?” So here are just some of the longest lasting toys we have found for dogs that enjoying ripping toys to shreds and tips for finding a suitable chew toy for your dog.

Kong Extreme

As a dog parent I am sure you’ve heard of Kong and even perhaps have a couple in your possession, but did you know that they make them with varying degrees of toughness? The Kong Extreme is made with the toughest rubber and has the ability to entertain your pup for hours especially if you stuff it with tasty treats. Read this blog post for ideas on what to put in your pup’s Kong.

Nylabone DuraChews

My two pups, Watson and Sherlock, love their nylabones and even though they aren’t aggressive chewers it keeps them completely entertained. Good thing for dog parents of aggressive chewers is that they make a version for heavy chewers. The Durachews are made of tough and durable nylon that will stand up to some of the most heavy chewers. The dental cleaning ones have the added benefit of extra texture that will help clean your dog’s teeth and massage their gums. There are even different flavors like chicken, lasagna, and even mint!

GoDog Plush Toys with Chew Guard

Just because your dog is a power chewer it doesn’t mean he has to miss out on the fun of plush toys. Check out the GoDog plush toys with chew guard. They feature a double-stitched seam for extra strength and will outlast the standard plush toys at your local pet store. There are a wide variety of stuffed animals to choose from and many can be found on Amazon.


The extra hard bones are made of super strong nylon and good grade ingredients that are used to flavor the bones. You won’t have to worry about chemicals or artificial flavors because Benebone doesn’t use them! And all of their products come in various sizes and are made in the USA. Many of their awesome products can be found on Amazon and in pet stores. Watson and Sherlock personally love the wishbone shape.

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball

If you’ve got a heavy chewer that also loves to play fetch then a plain old tennis ball just won’t cut it. So try a ChuckIt! Ultra Ball. It’s made with a bouncy rubber that gives it a tougher skin. It can withstand a ton of tossing, fetching, and chewing. They’re also pretty affordable and available with a squeaker if that’s what your pooch loves. Sherlock loves hers and she has tons of fun both chasing it at the dog park and casually squeaking it at home on the sofa.

Tips For Picking The Right Toy For Your Heavy Chewer

puppy chewing on a toy

It can be difficult to find the perfect toy for your enthusiastic pup. So we’ve got a few tips to help you find the right toy for your dog.

  • Are There Dog Toys That Are Actually Indestructible?

Many dog toys claim to be indestructible and it is easy to believe these claims. So can dog toys actually be made to be indestructible? The short answer is no. Take the indestructible claims with a grain of salt and only purchase dogs toys based on recommendations from others who can vouch for the toughness of dog toys.  

  • Safety is King

Even though durability and fun are important remember that the safety of your dog is always the #1 priority. You don’t want your fur baby to accidentally ingest broken pieces of toy that could harm them in the end.

The toughness of a toy is important so that it remains in as much of one piece as possible while your pup chows down. When giving your destructive chewer a toy, even one that is super tough it is important to watch your dog closely to make sure they don’t accidentally injure himself. More on this topic below.

  • Toy Composition

What the toy is made of is also an important part of the selection process. Opt for toys of non-toxic materials since it the toy will likely spend a good amount of time in your dog’s mouth. It is almost nearly impossible to create an indestructible toy and so if your pup will be breaking pieces off and potentially ingesting them (on accident of course) it is best to select a toy that will only break off miniscule pieces that are made of non-toxic materials.

  • Toy Size

Another part of selecting the right toy for your power chewer includes making sure you select the right size. If the toy you choose is too small then it’ll be far too easy for your pup to either destroy in no seconds flat or swallow in its entirety. Heed the suggestions from the manufacturers, but also take into consideration your individual dog and his or her mouth size.

  • Be Extra Careful With New Toys

If you read a lot of reviews on toys made for dogs that are heavy chewers you’ll find it difficult to identify a single toy that has all positive reviews. And that is simply because every dog is a little different. This is why it is important to carefully supervise your dog when you give her a new toy. This will allow you to intervene if the toy becomes a danger to your dog. This includes is a large piece breaks off that your dog could choke on or even potentially break a tooth.

Final Thoughts

In the end all the suggestions in the world can only guide you so much in finding the right toy for your aggressive chewer. What it all boils down to is knowing your dog and his chewing tendencies. It might take some time and a few destroyed toys to figure out the best toy fit for your pooch, but fret not because once you land on the perfect toy for your pup you’ll be glad you took the time and spent the money on the process.


**The Woof Warehouse is not a paid sponsor of companies or products mentioned in this blog post.**

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