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chihuahua dog

Supporting The Woof Warehouse Makes a Difference for Shelter Dogs Like Poochini

chihuhua dog


As most of you may already know a big part of our mission is to help shelter dogs find loving and forever homes and as such we donate 5% of our profits to Marin Humane. This amazing non-profit shelter is where we adopted our two tiny muses (Watson and Sherlock) from.

With all of the wonderful orders from the past year we are able to sponsor the adoption fees of two senior dogs! You might ask why we chose to sponsor senior dogs. The simple fact is that dogs over the age of 10 are much more difficult to adopt out. Senior pups are often more subdued in shelters and as such don’t tend to catch the eye of potential pawrents. Additionally, senior dogs can sometimes come with health issues that most people aren’t willing to deal with. By covering the adoption fees of these older and wiser pups means it gives adopters one less expense to worry about and hopefully encourage them to consider a dog they might have otherwise overlooked.

And now on to the fun part! One of the lucky pups that we sponsored the adoption fee of is Poochini, a 10 year old, 10 lb Chihuahua Cross.

According to Marin Humane “Poochini is a no-nonsense, plush toy loving boy who would like to hang out with like-minded grown-ups. He'll work a room, own its contents and insist you love him like the awesome little man he is.

Poochini can be bossy or downright standoffish with other dogs, but the right fit can also result in a great friendship. He is currently enjoying the company of kennel mate, Pochi, who let's Poochini run the show. He is the ideal companion for an adult-only household with some prior canine experience. His affection knows no bounds and his charm is infectious.

We wish Poochini the best of luck in his search for his furever home and can’t wait for him to find the perfect family to spend his retirement years with!

If you would like to find out more about Marin Humane and/ or how to adopt Poochini visit their website.

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